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2705 Islington Avenue Etobicoke (Toronto), Ontario   M9V 2X7
Tel: 416-741-2110

Rev. Joseph Singh



"The noblest and greatest work and the most important service we can perform for God on earth is bringing other people and especially those who are entrusted to us, to the knowledge of God by the Holy Spirit."

We support the work of the church with our weeky offerings as well as other options for giving. Ways to Give.

Our Mission

"To know Jesus Christ and make Him known."

Ways for you to help fulfill our mission:

  1. Attend church, communion and bible study regularly
  2. Pray regularly for our congregation and the work of the church
  3. Volunteer for the food bank (Unload food, Pack bags, Operate computers, Hand out food, Tear down empty cartons, etc.)
  4. Help with church maintenance (Share your handy-man skills, Gardening, Clean up, etc.)
  5. Help with the altar guild (Place the paraments, Arrange the flowers, Clean the linens, etc.)
  6. Help with evangelism and stewardship efforts (Flyer preparation and distribution, Sign preparation, Help prepare float for Santa Claus parade, etc.)
  7. Help with Sunday School (Teach classes, Assist teachers, Phone people, etc.)
  8. Accept a position on church council (Elder, Trustee, Sunday School Superintendent, Treasurer)
  9. Accept the position as our church Website Manager
  10. Visit/telephone our many shut-ins.

Church Community

We have attempted to increase our Worship attendance by encouraging the Sunday School to participate in worship. The children are often successful in bringing their friends, parents, and extended family. Many people are introduced to our church for the first time through such activities.

Every month, the elders meet to discuss their progress in contacting members. Maintaining contact with our members and showing an interest in them is essential to our plan of knowing Christ and making Him Known. We emphasize to our members that congregational worship is an essential part of being a Christian. Jesus Christ "loved the church, and gave Himself up for her".

We also emphasize that Christianity involves community. Although a Christian may be able to read the Word by himself, he cannot participate in the sacramental life that Christ instituted without the local church.

We have not allowed our faith to be without fruits. We pray for the poor in our community and see the fulfillment of our prayers in a real way through our "Food Drive" program.

Steps have been taken to insure that our worship time doesn't become an exercise of mindless repetition. The choir has practiced the liturgy from the Hymnal Supplement for occasional use in our worship services. Although it takes time, effort and patience to learn new things our worship experience is enhanced by being able to express our love to God in new ways. We are fueling the Psalmist's command: "Sing to the Lord a new song"(Psalm 96: I)